Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is The Zon Ferry Terminal (TZFT) same as Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal (BWFT)?

    The name has been changed to Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal, Johor Bahru (BWFT) since the bought over of the property here by Berjaya Group somewhere in March 2013.

    However, the road signage erected by our local government (MBJB) has always refers the terminal as "Terminal Ferry Stulang Laut".

  2. Where is it located?

    It is within the duty free complex (formerly known as The Zon Duty Free) about 4 km away from city centre of Johor Bahru (CIQ) on the eastern side of Singapore - Malaysia Causeway.

  3. Are the ferries air-conditioned?

    Most of them are air-conditioned but there are ferries with both choices of air-con and open air with seats at upper deck.

  4. What are the "ticket price" to Batam and Tg. Pinang?

    Kindly go to the main menu and click on the "Schedule" page. The page should have the info on ferry fares, besides the ferry schedules.

  5. Are there any group discount?

    We can give up to 10% discount on the ferry ticket price if the group is minimum 15 persons and above (for two way trips) for non-peak seasons. The minimum persons for booking may be vary from time to time, kindly contact us for more details. Below are the ways on arranging for a better flow:

    1. Kindly submit written request 1 week prior to departure date;
    2. Request is accompanied with provision of passengers' particulars like their names as appear in their NRICs, date of births and particulars of their passports such as passport numbers and their expiry dates.
    3. Full payment is made to the company prior to the travelling date.
    4. There shall be no cancellation of trips or change to the approved list of names.
    5. Collection of tickets is only on the date of travel (40 minutes before the scheduled departure time of ferry).
    6. Subject to approval by management of BWFT.

  6. What are the ferry routes available and their frequencies?

    For now, there are 11 ferry trips that will depart from Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal, Johor Bahru to Batam Centre, Harbour Bay in Batam Island and Tanjung Pinang on a daily basis.

    However, there is an additional 3 ferry trips to Batam Centre on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Likewise trip to Tanjung Pinang, also an addition of 1 ferry trip on Saturday & Sunday. Kindly refer schedule link given for your clarification & reference.

  7. Do I need to book ferry ticket in advance?

    Yes, for assurance of a seat, it is advisable to book in advance. Booking can be done on-line. Walk-in-tickets are also available (subject to availability of time/date and slots) and sold at ticketing counters at BERJAYA WATERFRONT FERRY TERMINAL, Johor Bahru.

  8. Any other charges besides the cost on ferry ticket?

    Yes. Below listed are not included in the ferry ticket price:

    • the Seaport Charge at rate of RM15/- per pax (inclusive of infant);
    • Group Travel PA insurance at rate of RM 3/- which cover the risks during the sea journey i.e. sea journey from the first port of call i.e. BWFT to the next port-of-call (can be Batam Centre or Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal in Batam island or Tg. Pinang Ferry Terminal in Bintan island;
    • Fuel surcharge at rate of RM 5/- per pax as of now and is subject to change.
    The above (total at RM 23/- per each out bound ticket) are payable at time of purchase.

    (Kindly note: Our return ticket is not inclusive of the terminal charges and or any other charge/s which the terminal operator there may require the returning passenger/s to pay.)

  9. Is there any “extra charge/s” if we purchase our ferry ticket from outside/Agent?

    Ticket/s purchase from outside agent/s will have to be converted into usable ticket/s for boarding at our ferry ticket counters with payment of RM 23.00, as per detailed at item 8 above. Provided these prepaid ticket/s are genuine and still valid for use i.e. not expired.

    Note: BWFT is the appointed sole agent for the selling of ferry tickets within the duty free complex.

  10. What is the ticket validity period for return ticket (usually not dated)?

    3 months from the date of purchase. You are advised to reconfirm your return ticket at Batam or Tg. Pinang counter in Indonesia.

  11. What happen if I cancel or defer my ferry trip? Do I entitle for any refund?

    No cancellation of ticket for refund is allowed. However, deferment of scheduled trip by way of voiding the prepaid ticket is possible with payment of admin charge at RM 15/pax per trip change. Provided also proofs of prior written request from you & approval from us are done or obtained at least one day before the initial date of departure.

  12. If my passport is valid for another 3 months, am I still allow to go abroad?

    As a norm, person going abroad should ensure that their passports still have a validity period of at least 6 months. However, we are not the authorities to say can or can not. It is the responsibility of the travelers themselves to find out or ensure that their document is sufficient and can be accepted by the country they intend to visit.

  13. Any Visa on Arrival (VOA) service at Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal or Tg. Pinang Ferry Terminal?

    Yes. There are counters at the ferry terminals there (before the immigration clearance checks) for such issuance of visa. With approximately payment of USD 10/- per pax for a period of a week’s visit.

    However, this visa is not applicable to citizens from ASEAN countries if their visits are purely for tour purpose.

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